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Welcome to Bhajan World. Our aim is to create a site to promote devotion to God through BhajansDevotional hymns in praise of God, or based on history, or offering knowledge and wisdom. Look at our aims and ethos on the Intro page. Refer to the Help page for info on getting the most out of Bhajan World.

Our site currently has bhajan lyrics in English and Gujarati, bhajan MP3s, Words of Wisdoma collection of quotes that we have found inspirational database, picture gallery of indian gods and godesses and vegetarian recipes. Bhajans is the heart of this site. A searchable database of bhajan lyrics and audio. The Bhajans page has complete help on accessing bhajans. On the way are new MP3s, new words of wisdom, further lyrics, images, video clips, and more

We hope you like this site and find it enjoyable and useful. Please sign our guest book.

Jai Shri Krishna